SATCO GROUP’ business undertakings in the country. Firstly, I believe the country has and continues to be attractive and presents huge business opportunities across all sectors although some sectors need to be properly developed. Our company SATCO GROUP LTD was established at the time the country was about to take-off in terms of economic development with increased activities in the resources sector. We had the opportunity to see market demands increased especially in the services sector such as ours, wholesale and retail sector.
Our aim is to ensure to deliver our customers quality goods and services at competitive prices which we continue to embrace and enhance. We want to be sure that our customers are fully satisfied and that is what we are about in the industries we operate. We also continue to maintain our growth by adding value to our business activities. Our companies further continue to re-invest by way of expansion and diversification’s as demands grow. These positive activities is benefiting citizens in terms of employment opportunities as well as our companies contributions to the overall government income by way of tax , etc.
I am hopeful of improved performances by our companies over the short to medium terms due to positive economic condition of the country. The government policy stabilities are important for our business operations and we note that these are happening.
is a subsidiary of SATCO GROUP LTD which an established national company is providing affordable SATCO GROUP LTD to  since its incorporation in 2018. SATCO GROUP LTD is focused on creating jobs for average Papua New Guinea citizen in the Supermarket industries through its localization program to contribute towards BD government gender equality policy .
Since 1ST years, its inception, SATCO GROUP LTD not on just one great idea, but many to remain successful. SATCO GROUP LTD has had numerous accomplishments and milestones in its long history, including a number of “firsts” through the years. SATCO GROUP was the first convenience and wholesale and retailer provide convenience-oriented to its customers